Diary From a Greek Island

The beauty, pleasure, and fun of a Greek Island.

A 1:45am taxi pick-up, a 5am flight from Manchester Airport and a trouble free shuttle-bus got us to our hotel, in the resort of Nidri, for 11:30 am.
The room hasn’t got the premier view, but it’s clean and modernized (by island standards) and if you stand on tiptoe and crick your neck you can get a sea view. However the views of the shrubs and trees in bloom against the backdrop of the mountains are pretty impressive.
The local comedy builders have been involved in the modernisation and up to now they have forgotten to put the screws in the room’s inside door handle and the unfixed toilet seat has decided that its real calling in life is as a genital removing toboggan.
I don’t think that the hotel’s Mr Fix-it is a local because he repaired the door handle within 20 minutes of reporting it, but the seat remained a challenge for the rest of the week.
I’ve been told that the hotel doesn’t have safety deposit boxes because “it is safe” here on the island of Lefkas.
Mrs is asleep after the journey and I’m on the balcony – it’s very hot – but I’m in the shade and that is very pleasant. Perhaps I shouldn’t be eyeing up the lemons on the tree opposite and wondering if they’re ripe.
I’m restless and want to go and orientate myself with the area – perhaps I’ll accidentally cough very loudly to see if Mrs is awake.......
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