Light and Water: The Photography of Dave Wilson LRPS

There are many varied elements that make a good photograph. For me, three of those elements are light, water and contemporary photographer Dave Wilson.

The use of light and knowing how to use it, is the difference between a pleasing photograph and a superb photograph. Add the reflective qualities of water, with its ability to not only reflect the image but the light itself, and the skill of the photographer to interpret it and it becomes a work of art.

The Warrior Queen

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Blooming Lovely

In May of each year in the grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital, in London, is the world’s most famous gardening event. It is the Great Spring Show held by the Royal Horticultural Society.
Nowadays most people know it as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Crash Rocks 7 Stars

Was it a comet, a meteorite, or possibly an alien spacecraft?

No it was just Chris and Phil.
The boys were back in town and didn’t the audience know it.
For the second time in two weeks “The Original Seven Stars” pub rocked to the sound of “Crash”: Chris Bannister and Phil Ashcroft.On both occasions these popular, talented, professional musicians played to standing room only, in what is Leyland’s smallest pub.
And what a night they gave us.

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Reflectimg on Nature

Amazing Art: The Dynamic Driftwood Horse Sculptures of Heather Jansch

Her understanding of her subject and her perception of the finished work create monumental sculptures that are awe inspiring.

“From the beginning my twin passions were drawing and horses and my hero was Leonardo da Vinci. I dreamed of becoming an artist living in wooded foothills with clear flowing water at my doorstep and horses grazing all around.” Heather Jansch

The Amazing Epic 3D Street Art of Edgar Mueller

Imagine waking up one morning, opening the curtains and where once had been a busy street is now a huge fissure in the surface of the earth with molten lava pouring into the broiling waters hundreds of feet below…..
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The Amazing Hand Art of Guido Daniele

Have you ever wished that amazing works of art or a wildlife safari were within arms reach of you? Well it’s possible, almost literally, in the hands of Guido
The 58-year-old Italian artist who studied in both Italy and India creates amazing works using the hands and arms of models. His “handimals” show the outstanding ability of this artist.

The Corpse That Would Not Lie Down

The humorous story of the undertaker and his assistant and the night that probably haunted them forever.

"....They placed him on his back on the preparation table. In the dim light of the room he made for a strange sight. While his back and his feet touched the table, his knees were raised and his arms reached up towards the ceiling. ......."

Sunbathing on a Greek Island

Sun, sea, sand and sunbathing, nothing could be more idylic and relaxing. Could it?