Amazing Art: Eric Joisel Turning Paper Into Dollars

When talking of art and paper in the same sentence one immediately thinks of sketching or painting. If the word origami is also introduced then the topic may become uninspiring as a pastime to keep children occupied.Not in the hands of Eric Joisel. He has turned this into an exciting art form and his pieces now command thousands of dollars.
Origami is taken from two Japanese words that, as Eric Joisel explains on his website, simply means fold and paper. That is: no cuts no glue.
Eric has spent hundreds of hours developing his sculptures and techniques. In fact when asked how long a piece takes to create his answer is “35 years.”

The 10 Strongest Beers in The World

The 10 Strongest Beers in The World

You Know You are Having a Bad Day When...

There are some days when you know you should never have got up in the morning. You just know you are going to have a bad day. There are some days when you do not know you are going to have a bad day but have one anyway.Whether they knew it was coming or not, these people were definitely having a bad day:

Tom Tom or Dumb Dumb? When Sat Navs Go Wrong

Some thought that sat navs would do away with using maps whilst driving. However it is now becoming apparent that it is perhaps some of the drivers who use sat navs that we should be getting rid of.

Here are the tales of some drivers who took the words of the satnav as gospel, when they should have remembered one of the satnav’s own favourite phrases:
“Turn around when possible”!

The Magic and Myths of Mirrors

"I looked in the mirror and what did I see...."

What does one see when one looks in a mirror? Is it merely as the song says "...a nine stone weakling with knobbly knees..." or is there more to be seen in a mirror than one's own reflection?

Mirrors have a certain mystique about them which gives rise to beliefs, magic, myths legends and superstitions.

Amongst many things they have been seen as a "tool of the devil", a "catcher of souls", a harbinger of things to come, a portal to another dimension and a source of bad luck.

But what are these beliefs, myths and superstitions and where do they come from?

Halloween Stories: Four Tales of Horror and Humor for The Haunting Season

‘Tis All Hallows E’en’ again and time for the witches and ghoulies to come out. It is the time to turn off the lights, ignite a candle and, in the flickering light, settle down with tales of waking spirits, haunted places, demonic possessions and other stories to make your heart go bump in the night.Alternatively, you could creep up behind someone else who is doing this and shout “BOO!”!

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Amazing Sand Art: Run The Beasties are Coming!

All is not as it appears on the beach and there are certainly some unexpected beasties and characters there these days.

Dear Grandma
Having a lovely time, here on holiday at Amityville-On-Sea.
I am sending you some photographs to show you how wonderful and exciting it is.
You were right when you said there are lots of interesting creatures to see, and fun things to do beside the sea.
I made a new friend called Tom and we were making sand castles today when out of the sand popped a dragon….

The Mystery of The Doll That Grew Old in The Attic

It is the thing that Hollywood Horror films are made of. Even more particularly it is reminiscent of Oscar Wilde’s The picture of Dorian Gray.

An unnamed family, similar to any other average family, did what all families do as the children start to grow up. They had to decide that the outgrown toys, cluttering the kid’s rooms, should be got rid of or stored away. As usually happens, with many things that were cherished by the children, several of them were stored away in the attic. Amongst them was a doll. An ordinary baby-faced doll.........

Amazing Art: 10 Stunning Works of Sand Art

Around the world there are some amazing examples of sand art appearing in competitions, exhibitions or just purely for the art. Here are 10 of the best and most stunning.

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10 Fabulous Photographs of Birds in Flight with Web Sources

We can only admire the birds of the air from a distance as they take off, soar, swoop and dive. Here, ten photographers use their skills to show us what these feathered aerial acrobats look like in fabulous close up shots. This article also gives reference points to find more information about the birds and the sources of the photographs.

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Amazing Old Bangers: 10 Interesting and Unusual Antique Guns

Even when it comes to weapons mans creative and dare I say artistic, ingenuity comes to the fore. If it is possible to have one weapon, then why not turn that weapon into two by fixing a blade or a club on it? As for pistols – let’s have six barrels, a muff pistol, a palm pistol, or a ring pistol. This is a look at some interesting and some unusual antique guns that gunsmiths have created in the past. Also here, is the gun described as “the most beautiful gun in the world” and the story of how it came to be in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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How to Make a Barbecue From a Washing Machine

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An idiot’s guide. Absolutely simple. No skills or special tools needed. Yes I am serious and no it’s not a joke. From an everyday washing machine you can have a spinning, rotating wood burner and barbecue! Read on for picture by picture instructions.

Cutting Edge Weapons: 10 Unusual Knives, Swords and Blades

In this age when we think of weapons, we tend to think of aircraft, electronic guidance systems, bombs and missiles. Sophisticated star wars systems may come to mind or huge warships and aircraft carriers or even chemical or nuclear weapons. Of course that has not always been the case.

From man’s earliest days the blade has been the basic form of weapon whether for hunting, defence or warfare. For close combat and ceremonial occasions it is still in use today: the dress sword of the mounted officer or the bayonet of the infantry. If you are lucky enough to be Knighted you may even get a tap on the shoulders by the British Queen with a ceremonial sword.

I would like to make it clear at this point, that this article takes no stance on the use of weaponry.
My own beliefs and convictions are not included here. This is a look at some of the non standard, more interesting and curious forms that blades have taken, with historical, geographic and cultural differences. I use the term blade because some of the forms shown cannot be described as knives or swords.

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Light and Water: The Photography of Dave Wilson LRPS

There are many varied elements that make a good photograph. For me, three of those elements are light, water and contemporary photographer Dave Wilson.

The use of light and knowing how to use it, is the difference between a pleasing photograph and a superb photograph. Add the reflective qualities of water, with its ability to not only reflect the image but the light itself, and the skill of the photographer to interpret it and it becomes a work of art.

The Warrior Queen

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Blooming Lovely

In May of each year in the grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital, in London, is the world’s most famous gardening event. It is the Great Spring Show held by the Royal Horticultural Society.
Nowadays most people know it as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Crash Rocks 7 Stars

Was it a comet, a meteorite, or possibly an alien spacecraft?

No it was just Chris and Phil.
The boys were back in town and didn’t the audience know it.
For the second time in two weeks “The Original Seven Stars” pub rocked to the sound of “Crash”: Chris Bannister and Phil Ashcroft.On both occasions these popular, talented, professional musicians played to standing room only, in what is Leyland’s smallest pub.
And what a night they gave us.

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Reflectimg on Nature

Amazing Art: The Dynamic Driftwood Horse Sculptures of Heather Jansch

Her understanding of her subject and her perception of the finished work create monumental sculptures that are awe inspiring.

“From the beginning my twin passions were drawing and horses and my hero was Leonardo da Vinci. I dreamed of becoming an artist living in wooded foothills with clear flowing water at my doorstep and horses grazing all around.” Heather Jansch

The Amazing Epic 3D Street Art of Edgar Mueller

Imagine waking up one morning, opening the curtains and where once had been a busy street is now a huge fissure in the surface of the earth with molten lava pouring into the broiling waters hundreds of feet below…..
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The Amazing Hand Art of Guido Daniele

Have you ever wished that amazing works of art or a wildlife safari were within arms reach of you? Well it’s possible, almost literally, in the hands of Guido
The 58-year-old Italian artist who studied in both Italy and India creates amazing works using the hands and arms of models. His “handimals” show the outstanding ability of this artist.

The Corpse That Would Not Lie Down

The humorous story of the undertaker and his assistant and the night that probably haunted them forever.

"....They placed him on his back on the preparation table. In the dim light of the room he made for a strange sight. While his back and his feet touched the table, his knees were raised and his arms reached up towards the ceiling. ......."

Sunbathing on a Greek Island

Sun, sea, sand and sunbathing, nothing could be more idylic and relaxing. Could it?

St. Helen's Dream: A Cultural Landmark

The dream of miners from St Helen's in Merseyside was finally realized with the completion of the sculpture “The Dream” on April 22 2009.

10 Offbeat, Bizarre and Wacky Facts

Whether its flicking through the pages of a magazine or surfing the net, it never fails to amaze me how often I discover a fact that raises my eyebrows, and makes me blurt out “I don’t believe it!” or “Well I never knew that!” Here are just ten of those offbeat, bizarre and wacky facts.

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The Ghost in the Outside Toilet

This is my story. It is the true story of one dark night and how as a child, together with my two younger brothers we confronted that which was beyond our worst nightmares: the ghost in the outhouse in my grandmother’s back yard.

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The Ghost in the Outside Toilet

This is my story. It is the true story of one dark night and how as a child, together with my two younger brothers we confronted that which was beyond our worst nightmares: the ghost in the outhouse in my grandmother’s back yard.

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In the Shadow of Jack the Ripper: The Lambeth Poisoner

Three years had passed since those dark days of 1888, when Jack the Ripper had last stalked the gloomy gas lamp lit streets and dismal alleyways of the East End of London, hunting down, killing and mutilating his victims. The women of the street were now once again able to carry on the oldest trade without the fear of the shadow of the murderous serial killer looming over them.Little did they know that this was not to last.

“I am Jack……”.

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A Cultural Landscape: Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Artists understanding of how objects occupy and define space, together with 500 acres of varied landscaping, makes for an “incredible international gallery for modern and contemporary sculptures that challenges, inspires and delights”.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park is situated in the 500 acre Bretton Estate at Wakefield in the county of Yorkshire. Designed in the 18th and 19th centuries, the landscape has topographical height variations of over 21 metres (66 feet) and has a mixture of woodland areas, water, formal gardens and open spaces (as well as four indoor galleries) It is this variation that creates a rich environment for some of the best contemporary sculptures created by international artists

Carnival: Dirty Jenny in Aalst! (Carnaval: Voil Jeannetten En Aalst!)

All the world loves a party and what better way to party is there than a carnival. Especially if you are a cross dresser living in Belgium and can take to the streets as Voil Jeannetten or Dirty Jenny. This well-kept secret is a brilliant example of a spirit that the Belgians keep well hidden. Introverts should strictly stay away!

Black Holes and Revelations: Creative Commons and NASA’s Stunning Images

Sourcing images, such as NASA’s stunning space pictures shown here, can be like a black hole, sucking in time and error. Here is a guide as to how to go about it the right way, and a blatant excuse to show some amazing images.
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Hilarious Flashmob Craze is Spreading Around the World

The latest (to me and those taking part): hilarious craze, for hundreds or thousands of people to get together and wind-up the general public.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Picture yourself in a public place. For example, at your local railway station. Nothing special is happening, other than the fact that there seem to be a lot more people around than usual. Everybody is going about their business, either coming or going.
All of a sudden more than half of the people freeze as still as statues.
What’s going on – has somebody thrown a magic boomerang and time has stopped for them, but not for you?
It appears so; they don’t even flinch when you poke them. By the time that you have tried to figure out what is going on, they are off, moving about again. Now you’re the one that is standing still, with your mouth open like a fish; thinking “what the ….”

A Healthy Exercise for People Aged 40 and Over

It may be psychological, but when we reach that 40 years milestone we don’t feel as sprightly as we should. Here is an exercise routine that you may find puts a spring back into your step.

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Who Removed the Videos From my Article: Warner Music or YouTube (Google)?

Without my knowledge I found that a number of videos had gone missing from a music article I’d written. Who had removed them and why? The prime suspects turned out to be the Warner Music Group, YouTube and Google.

Five Mysteries and Surprises in Everyday Domestic Routines

In our every day domestic lives, there are routines that we constantly stick to, often, almost as if on auto pilot. But once in a while something pops up that is either an unsolvable mystery or simply makes you go “What the...?”.

Everyday many people go to work with jobs that require a great deal of skill, patience and concentration. Others will need the ability to deal with awkward customers or to solve unexpected problems. Perhaps to have to try and figure out why an engine or a piece of equipment has stopped working; how to overcome the problem and how to fix it. Or even deal with a patient without patience.
But whatever the calling in life, at the end of the day we can put all this aside. We know that we can return to the domestic haven we call home.
Here we know there shouldn’t be any sudden surprises. Nobody will be wanting answers as to why the bus, train or aircraft was late. There are no unruly pupils “kicking off”, or customers wanting to know why there isn’t a price label on the tin of baked beans. The boss won’t suddenly be demanding more production or bringing a target date forward, to the day before yesterday.
At home there are our comfortable routines that we constantly stick to, often, almost as if on auto pilot.
We open a door and walk into a room. We sit down. We stand up. We go up or down the stairs (unless you live in a bungalow: okay, for the pedantic – a bungalow that hasn’t got a cellar!) We eat a meal.
. Get undressed and take a shower or a bath. Go to bed. Get up in the morning. Go to the bathroom. Clean our teeth. Get dressed.
There may be routines around the home that seem more like chores. We may not enjoy doing such things as washing, drying and ironing the laundry; dusting the shelves and furniture, vacuuming or washing up. But like them or loathe them, they don’t take too much thinking about. There is nothing new or different and we perform these actions without giving them a thought. In fact, the one thing that all these things have in common is that, they take up no head space. The mind can wander off to think about other things whilst doing them.
But sometimes something pops up that is either one of life’s unsolvable mysteries, or simply makes you go “What the…”

The Incredible Story of Strange Fruit

Marion, Indiana, 1930. Three black men accused of murder and rape, were taken from custody by a mob. Two were mutilated, murdered and hung from a tree. This is the story of Strange Fruit and those involved in its planting and cultivation.

The Seed
The events leading up to, and the night of, August 7th 1930. Marion, Indiana.

(The quotations are James Cameron's own words, from his 1982 autobiography, “A Time of Terror: A Survivor's Story”)

Two 19 year olds, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith persuaded 16 year old James Cameron to join them in a robbery at a local “lovers’ lane”. Handing the younger boy a gun, they found a car parked there. Inside was white factory worker, Claude Deeter and his girlfriend Mary Ball.When James realised that he recognised the man as one of his regular shoe-shine clients, he declared that he wanted no more to do with it, and handing the gun back to the others, ran for his home. As he ran off he heard two gunshots fired.

Within hours the three had all been arrested and taken into custody.

Rumours quickly spread that three black men had committed a murder and robbery and raped a white woman. A mob, numbering thousands, swarmed to the Grant County Courthouse with torches guns and any tool that lay to hand that could be used as a weapon, to "get those goddamn Niggers." Ku Klux Clan members were among the throng and many police officers mingled amongst, and joked with the crowd.

Despite there being a reported fifty armed guards in the building, the mob smashed down the doors, grabbed Thomas Shipp dragging him out into the street and beat the life out of him.
It seemed “all of those ten to fifteen thousand people were trying to hit him all at once.”They dragged his body with a rope, hauling it in front of the windows of the cell of Abram Smith, they went for him next.

He too was beaten and mutilated.

“Those who were not close enough to hit him threw rocks and bricks. Somebody rammed a crowbar through his chest several times in great satisfaction." The bodies of the two men were dragged with ropes to the court house square and hung from a tree.
Returning to the jail, the lynch-mob grabbed James Cameron and "mauled him all the way to the square." The crowd were baying for him to be strung up. He was dragged to the tree and a noose put around his neck.

An unknown woman’s voice called out over the crowd. "Take this boy back. He doesn't have anything to do with any shooting or raping."
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