In the Shadow of Jack the Ripper: The Lambeth Poisoner

Three years had passed since those dark days of 1888, when Jack the Ripper had last stalked the gloomy gas lamp lit streets and dismal alleyways of the East End of London, hunting down, killing and mutilating his victims. The women of the street were now once again able to carry on the oldest trade without the fear of the shadow of the murderous serial killer looming over them.Little did they know that this was not to last.

“I am Jack……”.

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A Cultural Landscape: Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Artists understanding of how objects occupy and define space, together with 500 acres of varied landscaping, makes for an “incredible international gallery for modern and contemporary sculptures that challenges, inspires and delights”.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park is situated in the 500 acre Bretton Estate at Wakefield in the county of Yorkshire. Designed in the 18th and 19th centuries, the landscape has topographical height variations of over 21 metres (66 feet) and has a mixture of woodland areas, water, formal gardens and open spaces (as well as four indoor galleries) It is this variation that creates a rich environment for some of the best contemporary sculptures created by international artists

Carnival: Dirty Jenny in Aalst! (Carnaval: Voil Jeannetten En Aalst!)

All the world loves a party and what better way to party is there than a carnival. Especially if you are a cross dresser living in Belgium and can take to the streets as Voil Jeannetten or Dirty Jenny. This well-kept secret is a brilliant example of a spirit that the Belgians keep well hidden. Introverts should strictly stay away!